The judge for this exhibition was Scott W Prior, award winning oil painter and Southern California native. His comments about the winning entries can be found at the bottom of the gallery.

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 Award of Merit 

 Award of Merit 

 Award of Merit 

 Award of Merit 

 Award of Merit 

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 Honorable Mention 

 Honorable Mention 

Award of Merit

"Twilight", Kjerstine Jennings;

This one just jumped out at me and I had to go back a couple times to check it out. I loved the color and moodiness of "Twilight", it made me think of the Golden Age of Illustration, which I love.


"Stuffy in Bell Jar", Rachel Schlueter;

Just love the concept and paint handling of this one, it's just fun!


"Vampira", Erica Brooks;

This one stuck out to me because of the mood and how Erica handled the mood, flesh tones and that hair. Just a solid figurative piece.


"Portal", David Boston;

For me this one is all about the composition and mood. So simple, yet so gorgeous.


"Quoth, The Raven", Susan Fox;

Love the composition and design with Susan's piece, it's got a nice feel to it that grabbed me. 


"Danae", Barrie Love;

Solid composition and design with Barrie's piece, I really like how with the legs it's a harder edge then when you get to her upper torso it becomes soft. 


"Oyster Child", Sam Massey;

This is just a little magical piece, I really like how the carving and the grain of the wood go together with the overall concept. it's super cute


"Homage to the Dead, Duluwat (Indian) Island", Paul Rickard;

What I liked about this one was the mood and color, then there's the nicely handled boat. 


"Bozo", Linda Wise;

This one for me was just super fun. The complimentary color on this really makes it pop.  And I like that all of the hair is in the composition and not cropped off. 


"Vlad", Eric Mueller;

For me this is just a solid old school design, like what the old sign makers used to make.  I just dig it. 


"Hathor: Queen of the Underworld", Sara Kimber;

I really liked the whimsical feeling of this piece. It feels like a character in a movie to me. Just fun. 

Award of Merit

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